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Reader Question on Jurisdiction and Child Support in Maryland

My divorce was finalized in New York, but now I live in Pennsylvania and my child and ex-wife live in Maryland. A Maryland judge domesticated our custody and visitation rights orders from New York to Maryland, but as far as I can tell the child support order was not transferred. Should my child support order be domesticated in Maryland? Answer from Baltimore Divorce Lawyer Jeff Kim: I am unable to give you legal advice on child support. However, I can give general child support help for men based on the specific laws of Maryland, where I am licensed to practice. Read more

Maryland Child Support: What Counts As Income?

Maryland Child Support Question: What do courts consider when setting a Maryland child support order? I have a regular full-time job, but I also currently have rental properties that I am losing money on every month. Can the loss from my rental properties be considered in my income when determining a Maryland child support amount? Answer from Maryland Divorce Lawyer Jeff Kim: In Maryland, the actual income of the parties is used when calculating child support under the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. Examples of actual income include: salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, pension income, as well as rental income. If one Read more